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So you want to become a streamer for Prima? Or atleast thinking about it. We are glad that you think of us as a part of your career within content & streaming. Creating content is a dream for many, and many have succeeded but alot more have failed as well.
How do you define yourself as one of those that succeed vs fail? Commitment & dedication is a big part of it, natural talent helps alot, as well as being a bit lucky every here and there.

If there was a magic formula that you could use, everyone would be there. But do not be frightened, there are many things you can do to boost your stream and also things that we can help you with.

So, why should you join our family of content creators?
First of all, we truly believe in people supporting our values against bullying. That is the far most obvious reason to join our organisation

But then we also have a few other cool things up our sleeves such as :

  • A great gamingcommunity in general supporting you
  • A experienced and nice streaminggroup of colleagues to get support and help from
  • Exclusive access to events that we attend
  • Communitynights with our other streamers
  • Visibility through our social media channels
  • Internal competitions for cool prizes

That is what we offer to those who we call support-streamers and it comes with very little requirements. Stay true to our values and you should be just fine.

For those who wants to get a bit more, we also have our partnered streamers called Streamer Ambassadors.
Fom that level there are some more goodies in the bag:

  • Static overlay customized for each streamer (if streamers wants one)
  • Twitch team (coming soon)
  • Discount-codes in our webshop with provision on sales
  • Sponsorproducts
  • Projectbased paid stream-ads
  • Extended visibility on our webpage and on social medias
  • Priority on events, gamenights and sponsordeals

That is roughly it but we are constantly developing and extending our streamingsection, so this will most likely expand even more within the upcoming months.

Did that convince you to apply, or do you want more information? Send in your information below and we’ll reach out!