Time required : 8h per month (minimum)
Duration : Until further notice
Salary : Shareholding + hardware




About the job

At Prima eSport we believe in building a fair and inclusive community, open to everyone. That is why our core focus is to work against alienation and bullying.
We are dedicated to establish esports in the business community and to create a wholesome environment for our youth to socialize and flourish in.


Making great coverage for our esport-teams through our social-medias and Twitch-channels.
Live commentating on the matches and events that we host and is a part off.

Your responsibilities

From planning the schedule around the matches, posting on social medias and making sure we have the best possible coverage of our games. Together with Brand Manager & graphical designers making sure that we stay on top of all streaming-related content around our esport-teams.

Your profile

You have a big interest within esports and have an good knowledge about the games that you are casting. Making sure you are on top of informational-flow around the game & teams you are casting.

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Scheduling (prio)

Casting/Streaming (prio)

Esport-interest (minor)