Communication Manager/Content Writer

Time required : 8h per month (minimum)
Duration : Until further notice
Salary : Shareholding




About the job

At Prima eSport we believe in building a fair and inclusive community, open to everyone. That is why our core focus is to work against alienation and bullying.
We are dedicated to establish esports in the business community and to create a wholesome environment for our youth to socialize and flourish in.


The purpose of the CW is to oversee written text both internal and external to the company. This includes, for example, organizational as well as business oriented communication of importance.
In the Communication manager-role , you will have the primary function for all external communications including press-releases and such.

Your responsibilities

The CM has ultimate responsibility for all outbound communication from the association and the company. Things such as simple social media posts are typically not affected by this, but the CM should be there for support & answering of questions as necessary.

Relevant work areas include:

– Web & social media

– Internal documentation

– Internal and external communication

– Proofreading

Your profile

You have a interest in writing and making yourself heard, from both internal and external communication.

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Professional writing (prio)

Business Swedish & English (prio)

Esport-understanding (prio)

Text handling (minor)

Esport-interest (minor)