Community Manager

Time required : 8h per month (minimum)
Duration : Until further notice
Salary : Shareholding




About the job

At Prima eSport we believe in building a fair and inclusive community, open to everyone. That is why our core focus is to work against alienation and bullying.
We are dedicated to establish esports in the business community and to create a wholesome environment for our youth to socialize and flourish in.


Ensure that organizations in the group move forward and set up new goals with our association crew and members. Making sure everyone is pulling in the same direction and making magic happend!

Your responsibilities

Making sure that not only recruiting new members but equally important making the current members enjoying themselves and flourishing our value foundations.

Relevant work areas include:
– Creating, developing, and maintaining the operation plan for the associations
– Bringing forth goals, strategies, and plans of action; as well as communicating them
– Ensuring that the division’s personnel have the working conditions and opportunities to optimize their progress towards the associations mutual goals.

– Distributing necessary work and development of relevant personel

– Developing group relations so that a good team atmosphere is maintained and strengthened
– Creating good relationships with both members and customers, as well as the owner

– Maintaining and strengthening the organization’s position in the market through your work


Your profile

You have a interest not only within esports but bringing people together.

Combining the old with the young, the new with the expereinced.

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Youth-work (prio)

Project managing (prio)

Esport-interest (minor)