CSGO Manager

Time required : 8h per month (minimum)
Duration : Until further notice
Salary : Shareholding




About the job

At Prima eSport we believe in building a fair and inclusive community, open to everyone. That is why our core focus is to work against alienation and bullying.
We are dedicated to establish esports in the business community and to create a wholesome environment for our youth to socialize and flourish in.


As we are currently handling three CSGO teams (Male, Mix and Academy) , we need someone that ensures that the teams move forward and develop according to a set plan, both in daily as well as general operations.

To take responsibility for helping the teams reach their absolute top, and beyond.
This will include assisting the head of esports, recuriting players/personal and being on general help of those who need it.

Your responsibilities

The principal assignment is to lead the CSGO teams. This includes planning, organizing, and steering its various groups.

Relevant work areas include:
– Creating, developing, and maintaining the operation plan for the teams
– Assisting the head of esports in bringing forth goals, strategies, and plans of action; as well as communicating them

– Distributing necessary work and development of relevant personel

– Developing group relations so that a good team atmosphere is maintained and strengthened

– Creating good relationships with both members and customers, as well as the owner

– Maintaining and strengthening the organization’s position in the market through your work

– Striving towards increased income and positive economic results through you work

Your profile

You have a big interest within esports and have an good knowledge about how teams are built.
Experience within managing people and making sure that your goals are met.

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People managing (prio)

Team managing (prio)

Sponsorships (minor)

Esport-interest (minor)