Prima eSport signs agreement with Nordic Retail and Sport

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Prima eSport signs agreement with Nordic Retail and Sport

Prima eSport has reached an agreement with “Nordic Retail and Sport” to sponsor our CSGO-team on their trip to Switzerland in the end of January. 

“For me, the personal touch is everything. After a few visits to their store in Mall of Scandinavia I knew straight away these are the people I want to work with! They put their heart into every step of what they do” – Martin Mårtensson, CEO 

This will help our CSGO-team performing at their best for this event, and will hopefully be the beginning of long-term relationship for many years to come. 

For further Information we refer to our contact person at Prima eSport or Nordic Retail and Sport. 

                                Prima eSport                     Nordic Retail and Sport 

Contact:            Joakim Grånemo              Peter Lindståhl 

Tel:                         +46 708 19 33 90              +46 701 41 47 77 

Mail:                      [email protected]           [email protected] 




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