Marketing/Brand Manager

Time required : 8h per month (minimum)
Duration : Until further notice
Salary : Shareholding




About the job

At Prima eSport we believe in building a fair and inclusive community, open to everyone. That is why our core focus is to work against alienation and bullying.
We are dedicated to establish esports in the business community and to create a wholesome environment for our youth to socialize and flourish in.


The Marketing Manager’s purpose is to build the brand through social media, traditional media, and other areas where the brand can be strengthened by being seen. Making sure that the organisations brand strategy is on top and constantly updated.

The Marketing Manager should actively and on their own initiative analyze the company’s position in the market and put forth suggestions for improvements, changes, and other actions necessary to develop the company. The MM should even lead the launch of new things and events related to the company.

The Brand Manager is even responsible for ensuring that the organization’s brand is represented correctly by personnel internally, as well as monitoring the community to maintain a good understanding of the brand’s position from an outside perspective.

Your responsibilities

The Marketing Manager is responsible for securing and contributing to the development of marketing within the company. Furthermore, the forthbringing and implementation of marketing plans lay under the MM’s responsibility.

Relevant work areas include:

– Monitoring spaces relevant to the company and the brand

– Market research and analysis

– Brand building and management

– Creation of marketing material

– Planning of conventions and events, as well as budgeting these items together with the CFO

Your profile

You have a big understanding within esports and the brand / marketing possibilities that exists,

and how to make the the most of it. Experience within esports and setting up marketingplans and making sure that you follow through each point,

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Marketing experience (prio)

Brand Managing (prio)

Esport-understanding (prio)

Sponsorships (minor)

Esport-interest (minor)