Prima eSport announces partnership with Gameplan

  • Prima eSport announces partnership with Virtuell E-sport Hultsfred!

Prima eSport announces partnership with Gameplan!

We are glad to announce a strategic partnership with Learn2Esport and their leading educational esports management platform, Gameplan. This is in line with our ambition to foster the next generation of Swedish esport talents and be a part of creating a sustainable infrastructure for esports in the Nordics.

The Gameplan platform will be used for three months as a pilot project in a youth development project locally in Sweden with the goal of expanding the scope of the collaboration.

Learn2Esport share our core values of working to create an inclusive gaming community, against bullying and alienation. This collaboration is one step further on the path to establishing esports in the business community.

Working with all levels of players, from community beginners to professional teams, we want to enable players to go all the way from the Swedish grassroots level to internationally renowned teams. We have successfully helped players on this journey previously, now seeing Prima eSport CSGO players in top teams such as NiP and Fnatic. The Gameplan platform will support our effort to make this career path come true for other esport talents. – Martin Mårtensson, CEO, Prima eSport.

Prima is an organization that shares the same values as Learn2Esport, therefore it seems like a natural partnership to further help the development of young talents in the Swedish esport scene. The Swedish esport scene has a lot of talents that go to waste at the moment, and we need organizations like Prima to help foster and develop these talents. – Rasmus Sandström, CEO, Learn2Esport.

For further Information we refer to our contact person at Prima eSport or you can reach out to the assigned contact at Learn2Esport.


Althea Cunanan

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Prima eSport

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